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Distance Academic Education

University of Continuous Education organizes distance education in the first level and the second level according to the following majors: Four fields have been included in this framework, which in turn branch out into several majors, as follows.

Distance Continuous Education

As the University of Continuous Education being present across the entire national territory with 54 centers, it makes it a distinguished partner on one hand and an effective dynamic force in the field of continuous education on the other hand.

Digital  platforms are part of the implementation of the digital master plan approved by the Ministry , which consists of 7strategic axes and 16 strategic programs also 102 operational programs  to be implemented by December 2024 , with the aim of facilitating the student’s success in the various stages of his university studies , starting from the guidance stage until graduation and professional integration , and striving to encourage educational innovation and modernize governance in its various aspects .

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The University Centers

A map illustrating the centers of the University of Continuous Education across the country.

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